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Tandoori Chicken

Marinated chicken cooked in tandoori with indian spices & herbs, cooked on charcoal.

26 sr

681 cal.

Rashmi Kabab

Milk marinated Chicken pieces with Indian spices and nuts, cooked on charcoal.

27 sr

230 cal.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken marinated with traditional  Indian spices and herbs and cooked to perfection, cooked on charcoal.

28 sr

207 cal.

Lamb Seekh Kabab

Minced lamb with Indian spices, herbs, garlic, and ginger cooked on charcoal.

30 sr

275 cal.

Prawns Tandoori

Fresh prawns marinated in Indian spices, lemon and ginger cooked on charcoal.

40 sr

104 cal.

Spice Special Tandoori

Tandoori selection of chicken,lamb, shrimp, and fish cooked on charcoal.

65 sr

525 cal.


French Fries


12 sr

452 cal.

Vegetable Spring Roll

Crispy rolls stuffed with fresh vegetables, prepared daily, served with mint sauce.

13 sr

403 cal.

Aloo Tikka

Mashed potato pieces with Indian spices

14 sr

458 cal.

Hara Bhara Kabab

Fresh vegetables with nuts 
and traditional Indian spices.

16 sr

510 cal.

Fries Masala

Fried potatoes with our special masala

14 sr

784 cal.

Chicken 65

Fried marinated chicken with indian spices.

26 sr

313 cal.

Spice Special Starters

Includes five of our favorite starters

28 sr

664 cal.

Dynamite Chicken

8 pieces of fried chicken served with our special  dynamite sauce.

30 sr

254 cal.

Dynamite Shrimp

8 pieces of fried Shrimp
served with our special  dynamite sauce.

41 sr

287 cal.

16 sr

Vegtable 4pcs.

306 cal.

Cheese 4pcs.

497 cal.

Chicken 4pcs.

355 cal.

indian bread

Plain Naan
2 sr

315 cal.

Butter Naan
4 sr

352 cal.

Garlic Naan
4 sr

343 cal.

Cheese Naan
6 sr

311 cal.

Basket Bread

Plain Naan, Aloo Kulcha, Garlic Naan, Butter Naan

12 sr

688 cal.


Vegetable Soup
14 sr

43 cal.

Chicken Soup
16 sr

54 cal.

Lentil Soup
13 sr

112 cal.

Seafood Soup
19 sr

50 cal.


Raita Salad
12 sr

64 cal.

Green Salad
14 sr

38 cal.

Chicken Caesar Salad
19 sr

106 cal.


Kasmiri Rice

Steam cooked basmati rice.

16 sr

558 cal.

Maharaja Rice

Basmati rice with fresh vegetables and Indian spices.

21 sr

519 cal.

Biryani Rice

Traditional biryani rice.

18 sr

558 cal.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Mixed rice with chicken pieces with mint, spinach and fresh spices with natural Indian herbs.

25 sr

558 cal.

Dum Chicken Biryani

Biryani rice with chicken, saffron, Indian spices, nuts and natural herbs.

27 sr

540 cal.

Dum Lamb Biryani

Biryani rice with lamb, saffron, Indian spices, nuts and herbs.

37 sr

579 cal.

Dum Prawns Biryani

Biryani rice with shrimp, saffron, Indian spices, nuts and herbs.

41 sr
552 Cal.

vegetable masala

Aloo Geara

Potatoes cooked with onions with our special Indian spices.

17 sr

179 cal.

Tarka Dal

Lentils cooked with onions, ginger and  garlic with indian spices.

19 sr

325 cal.

Aloo Gobi

Fresh potatoes with cauliflower, garlic and ginger.

23 sr

332 cal.

Vegetable Masala

Fresh vegetables cooked in a rich tomato sauce, with ginger and garlic.

23 sr

332 cal.

Chicken Masala

Chicken Curry

Chicken cooked in our special curry sauce & traditional indian spices.

32 sr

258 cal.

Chicken Masala

Marinated chicken with Indian spices and Herbs & traditional indian spices.

32 sr

347 cal.

Chicken Jalfrezi

Chicken pieces cooked with vegetables, Indian spices herbs.

31 sr

404 cal.

Butter Chicken

Chicken cooked in a honey buttered tomato sauce with  traditional Indian spice.

32 sr

417 cal.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Pieces of chicken marinated in our special masala sauce & traditional indian spices.

32 sr

368 cal.

Spice Special Masala

Cooked chicken pieces with tomato sauce and fresh vegetables on the spice way.

32 sr

350 cal.

Chicken Akbari

Delicious chicken with gravies, fresh onion, capsicum and tomatoes flavored with Indian spices.

31 sr

393 cal.

Chicken Sagwala

 Delicious chicken with mix of gravies, cream and butter flavored with spinach.

31 sr

264 cal.

Lamb Masala

Lamb Masala

Lamb in a thick Masala sauce with Indian spices

37 sr

418 cal.

Seafood masala

Shrimp Masala

Grilled shrimp cooked in our special masala sauce with herbs and spices

41 sr


Kids Meal

Kids Meal

4pcs. Chicken Rashmi Kabab Regular French Fries, Regular Drinks

16 sr

222 cal.


5 sr

87 cal.

7 sr

151 cal.


3 cal.


Diet Pepsi

86 cal.

148 cal.


163 cal.

282 cal.


107 cal.

185 cal.

Mountain Dew
1 sr
Mineral Water 330ml.
5 sr
Mineral Water 1.5lt.